How much does training at the Academy Cost? Pricing varies, make sure to see the Schedule & Rates page. We offer various packages and plans to accommodate you and get you the best rates possible.

Do you have separate classes for adults and children? Yes. We teach adult kung fu for ages 13+. For children’s kung fu, we have two age group: Tiny Tigers for ages 5-7, and Little Dragons for ages 8-12. We require parents to be present for the entire Tiny Tigers class, which lasts half an hour. The Little Dragons class is 45 minutes long. Adult classes are one hour.

Am I too old to do martial arts? This is dependent on the art and with how much intensity you practice. It is a sad truth of life that we all grow old, but with proper training you can remain hale much longer than what is considered normal. Careful consideration is always given to a person’s age and fitness level here at the academy. We don’t believe in under training, but we also don’t believe in over training either. One of the beauties of our program is that there are arts for you respective to your age, in the tradition of the old masters.

Do you use a belt system? Yes we use various belt systems appropriate to the styles that we teach.

Is there a testing fee? Yes, check out our rates for more info.

What is the dress/uniform code? Black Training Pants with the black school t-shirt. Shoes or sneakers that are solely used for class training are also required, or you may wear socks or go barefoot. No outside street shoes are allowed. Certain arts are often taught with particular uniforms such as a Shuai Jiao Coat, or Judo Gi. For all arts that require those, it is recommended a student purchase the outfits to further enhance their learning, especially if the student wishes to participate in competitions that require one.

What style do I need to begin with, or what styles should I study? This all depends on you, your age, level of fitness, and experience. It’s recommended to try all the different styles and see what ones are preferred. After enough time and experience are gained, a new style will be suggested to further enhance your understanding of the arts and increase your abilities.

What time are classes? See the Schedule page. Be sure to check daily for any announcements or changes.

Are the arts offered here good for self-defense? Yes. Every art that we teach is more than effective for self-defense. The key to good self-defense lies first in one’s mind. Every art taught here has a rich history filled with past and contemporary users who used their respective arts with great skill, ranging anywhere from the battlefield to the famous le Thai death matches of old, to modern sport fighting.

I am not interested in fighting or competing, will that hinder my progress? All martial arts taught here can be practiced purely for health. A person who is not interested in fighting may practice, however the most complete understanding of the arts will occur through a combination of practice, understanding, and physical application. This does not mean that you must fight or spar regularly, nor do we condone aggressive attitudes or behaviors, but it does mean you will benefit from hands-on practices whether by working with another person or with training equipment. There are many levels of hands-on training that are sufficient for teaching a person. We try to avoid injury. Remember: A training partner can’t help you if they are broken, nor can you help them if you are broken.