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Sun Style
Health  ~  Discipline  ~  Defense
What is the Sun style?

The Sun style is a highly sought after but rare system to find.  Even
rarer in the United States.  The system can be seen on You Tube and
other media outlets but most of the videos are what we call "outer
door" and do not show correct usage or body mechanics. A lot of
information on the web is incorrect for example some chat boards
incorrectly note the Sun Bagua system does not have a 64 palm form
but it does. Taught through the Ho Shing Ting lineage.

The system is highly sought after because of its founder Sun Lu Tang.
Sun was one of the most influential teachers of Chinese Martial Arts
in the early 1900's. A lot of the material taught in schools today came
from the Central Institute he taught at. You can click
here for more
information on Sun.

The Sun system takes an ordinary martial arts system and raises it to
a higher method of mechanics.  Therefore more power. It also relies
on soft throws as seen in Aikido so it balances the practitioners
knowledge of fighting. It emphasises take down on contact and faster
then thought self defense.

Also it uses advanced Daoist yoga built into the system to increase
health, flexibility, longevity and Qi.

The system taught " inner door" comprises a combination of Red Fist,
Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi, Tai Chi and Tong Bei. (Tong Bei is as taught by
Zhang Ce.  Zhang Ce and Sun practiced together).

Overall there is not another system like it and it focuses on dropping
the elbows (which is taboo to raise the elbows in Tai Chi, Ba Gua and
Xing yi which modern internal systems incorrectly allow), whole body
power, single weighting and quick releases.

Since the cultural revolution in China, martial arts have deteriorated
and became weaker due to poor mechanics. If you want to practice
martial arts as they where practiced in the early 1900's, when they
were at their zenith this is the place. Do not expect to see martial
arts as portrayed on TV, movies, You Tube etc. As we said it is
different.  Modern Chinese martial arts are geared towards marketing
not real self defense as their traditional counterpart. We are