Academy of Asian Martial Arts LLC
Academy of Asian Martial Arts LLC
Scranton, PA 18508

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Health  ~  Discipline  ~  Defense
    Academy of Asian
    Martial Arts LLC
    215 Hickory Street
    Scranton PA 18508

The school provides 4000 SF of space. It has two restroom's a student
lounge a parent lounge and meditation room. 1600 S.F. Training floor.  
900 SF of 1.5 inch thick mats are provided in a separate room for
throws, falls, rolling and sparring. Also heavy bag, double ended speed
bag, weights and miscellaneous stretching machines. The atmosphere
generates an Asian/Western decor.  We use a computerized student

allowed to watch from the comfortable seated area next to the training
area or use one of the lounges.
Training Floor 1600 SF
Wrestling Area 900 SF
View from Wrestling Area