Academy of Asian Martial Arts LLC
Academy of Asian Martial Arts LLC
Scranton, PA 18508

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Health  ~  Discipline  ~  Defense

Beginner Membership                        $ 50.00
(4- 1/2 hour classes plus free uniform ages 12 and up)

Kung Fu Adult Membership                $ 65.00 per month
(Ages 12 and up)

Kung Fu Kids 7 to 15 years old           $ 50.00 per month
(One class per week Saturdays 11:15 AM)
Internal Kung Fu Membership                                    
                            $65.00 per month (One per week any class.)
 $85.00 per month (Two or more classes per week)

Tai Chi and Qi Gong       $55.00 per month (Up to three 45 minute
                                                  classes per week)
                                                 $45.00 for one class per week

ZUMBA Class                      $4.00   per attendance
                                            $ 25.00 per month

Private Class                       $45.00 per half hour/ $70 per hour

Black Belt Membership      $55.00 per month Unlimited classes

.All "pay by the class" fees are due before class.
Special Family rate.  First member full price all additional at half membership price.
*Rank testing is held approximately every three months for beginners  (first year). Every six
months for intermediate.  Testing fees for beginner is $30.00,  Intermediate $60.00 and Black Belt
$250.00. Only Kung Fu students under age 15 are required to test
All fees are" month to month" do not get locked into a long term contract. Testing is not required
for adults.
    Academy of Asian
    Martial Art LLC
215 Hickory Street
    Scranton PA 18505

Contracts are month to month. You can stop at anytime. However if you do not make payment every
30 days the contract becomes void and you will have to renegotiate your contract at the current
Exceptions are Doctor excused illness, long term preapproved vacations or arrangements made
before taking an extended leave in writing.. If you are gone for more than 30 days your contract is also..