Academy of Asian Martial Arts LLC
Welcome to the Academy of Asian Martial Arts!

Thank you for visiting the Academy of Asian Martial Arts.  This site and the school it represents is dedicated to the
study and preservation of traditional Chinese martial arts (kuo shu).

We are committed to teach the martial arts based on a foundation of respect and stay focused on the true
essence of the martial arts which is to increase health, instill discipline, and teach useful self defense.

We teach this system as it was taught for thousands of years.  Our curriculum is based on the Shaolin and Wu
Dang " Nei Jia arts both external and internal. The training is challenging and few achieve the highest levels in
this system but that is what makes our students the best and most knowledgeable. The Academy offers the
most "complete" training in Chinese martial arts in the North East.  The general public is usually not aware that
modern day Karate originated from the Chinese Martial Arts and is but a small portion of the immense training
Chinese Martial Arts has to offer. If you cannot find it here you cannot find it anywhere.

Please take some time to look around our site and come back often as we are always changing.
The Academy offers expert instruction in the following arts...

  • Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Ba Gua
  • Hsing I
  • Tong Bei
  • Tai Chi
  • Ba JI
  • Tong Long
  • Hong Quan
  • Shuai Jiao
  • Qi (Chi) Gong

Questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.
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    Academy of Asian
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M &W 6;30PM
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New Tuesdays at 6:15PM
Ba Ji Quan!
ATTENTION!  Starting out Yoga, Martial Arts teachers or personal trainers. Need
space to get up and started but not sure if things will work out? Contact us at Rates are simple. You pay us $30.00 per month per
student. You charge whatever you want. Email us to discuss your space needs
and times you would like to see if there are openings. In all there are three
spaces available depending on times and your needs.