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Oct 8 2018 to end of week- International Shuai Jiao Compitition, Joe Harrison from our scholl will be

Sept 22 2018 Black Level test wer held. Results not in yet.

Dec  8 to the 10th 2017- World cup Shuai Jiao held every two years. For the first time in its history
teams from all over the world with the best fighters will be coming to the USA. This event will be held
in California. It is usually held in China. Joseph Harrison from our school will be representing team
USA in his weight division. Those of you that were following should remember two years ago Joe's
disappointment because he was injured in China and although he finished in the top 10 world wide he
could not continue. He finished 8th. Everyone at the school including Joe are hoping for a better finish
this time around!

Sept 30 2017- Student Test Results- Good work to Justin, Keith and Trinity achieving your Blue Sash.
You have done which most cannot. You entered into the intermediate level of Kung Fu training. Most
cannot accomplish this milestone. Keep up the work and continue to challenge yourselves. If you can
accomplish Kung Fu you can accomplish anything you set your mind to in this world.

April 22 2017 Some students attended the nationals in Cleveland Ohio. First Place to Joe Harrison.
Third place to Zaynah Harrison-Williams for Shuai Jiao.

June 11 2016-Congratulations to Winston and Aubrey at the USA Karate Tournament yesterday.
Winston Green sash took 2nd in open hand forms and 3rd in weapons. Aubrey Brown sash took 2nd
open hand forms. These were our only competitors and they trophied in every competition.

June 3 to 5 2016 Italy European Shuai Jiao Tournament. Joseph Harrison will be representing Team
USA in his weight division. Joe took 2nd place in the European tournament. Must be nice to be second
at that level of compitition! Countrys sent competitors from all over the world. Great job.

April 16 and 17- shuai Jiao and Kung Fu Nationals in Ohio. Joe took second, Zaynah 3rd in their
respective divisions. Click
here for more info.

May 20th to 25th- Joe is in China representing the USA competing in Shuai Jiao. Joe finished 8th in
the world after suffering an injury that put him out of the competition. 8th is still placing and he won
$200 plus was awarded a certificate. Needless to say we all wish he did not get injured because we
had him placed to medal. But injury is part of the sport.

April 26th 2015-Masters Cup results are below. Drew, Reagan, Aubrey, Camilla, Zaynah, Bobbi-Rose
and Dennis competed. A few of the students decided last minute to compete. They did good but fell a
little short. The school appreciates everyone who represents it. Winners below are:
Drew 2nd place yellow weapons forms
Camilla 1st place yellow forms
Zaynah 2nd place green sparring
Bobbi-Rose 1st place brown forms

April 18.2015- Joe is competing in Cleveland at the Nationals. Joe one fi
rst match  12-0 second 13 -1.
Joe one his last match and is number 1 in USA again for 165 pound weight class. He won 6-2.

Feb 18 2015- Representatives of the school were invited to go to G.A.R. High
School in Wilkes Barre Pa to help the team understand foundations of
Chinese Wrestling. The G.A.R. team is starting District Compititions this
Friday. Joseph Harrison our World Class Competitor number 1 in the USA  
and competing in China May of this year went over the similarities and
differences of our fisrt two basics. Diagonal pressing and neck surrounding.
We are invited back and hope some of the methods we have to offer will help
the team improve their wrestling skills.

Aug 15 2014 8:30PM- Demonstration at Nativity Church picnic.

May 4 2014 Masters Cup Zaynah took third place

April 12 2014- The Great Lakes USSA Shuai Jiao/ Kung Fu Championships.
This is a top level event with top competitors around the world.
Nationals update. Joeseph Harrison from our Academy is the National
Champion in the 150 to 165 pound Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling) division.
Video is now on youtube.