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Oct 19 2013- Joe was the lone student to enter the ""Kicking it for Joe"
tournament. He entered Forms and Fighting Brown Belt division. He took first
in Fighting and second in forms.  Good Job

Sept 8 2013 Demo at Nay Aug Park Aimees Army Cancer Fund Raiser for Brain
Tumors in children. This is a 1PM Sunday afternoon event. Students can go
directly to the park or meet at the school 12 Noon.

Feb 16 2013- Final passing of the heirloom was accomplished at the Scranton
School.  Master Lin along with his wife and son completed the private
ceremony.  Master Smith would like to thank Master Lin and his family for all
they have done.July 6th- School reopens at new address.
Jan 31 2013- After 22
years of success in New York City the New York School is closed..  Grandmaster
Lin Chih Young coming close to the age of 80 has decided to retire and is
teaching small classes around the NY area. Also Master Lin will still be doing
seminars and small sessions for some of his students  throughout NewYork,
New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Sept. 24 2011 -Seminar with Sal Canzonieri.
Seminar will cover Shaolin Chan Yuan Gong
a series of 8 demanding internal movements and postures.

Sept 17 2011- Nay Aug park demo for "Aimees Army".  Aimees Army is
a nonprofit dedicated to finding treatment and cures for children
brain tumors

May 7 2011- Grand Master Lin Chih Young teaches the shaolin classic Yi Jin Jing "Muscle
Tendon Change" Some group pictures-

Oct 17 2010
Demonstration at 3:40PM Univ. of Scranton Byron
Center See the you tube page for short video.

Oct 13 2010
Live interview wnep 16 5:45AM  U of Scranton Byron

Nov. 20 2009- Master Smith worked with special                                      
needs children at the Motivational Achievement Center Master            
Smith instructed  a new nei gong routine to the children and
occupational therapist at the center.
Sept. 13 2009 2 PM - Nay Aug demonstration for Aimees
Army. Fund raiser to help fight childhood cancer. For
donations or more information visit  
Sept. 19 2009 11AM -Several members of the school                                             
attended a seminar in New York City. The seminar was with
Grand Master Lin Chih Young and covered Bagua and the
Bagua Double Knife.                                                                                                     
Sept 20 2009 3:20 PM - Scranton High School. Master Smith demonstrated at the "Kids
Around the World" festival benefiting Timmys Town Center. a private organization
formed to create a childrens museum in honor of Timmy Kelly, who was stricken with
cancer and died at age 5.
Sept. 26 2009 9:15 AM - Hilton Hotel and Conference Center- Womens Health Summit
sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation.  Master Smith is a guest speaker discussing the
health benefits of Tai Chi,Taoist Yoga and how it helps alleviate the symptoms of
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