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Health  ~  Discipline  ~  Defense

The classes focus on a moderate level of exercise using stretching, breathing and martial art
techniques.  Tai Chi and Qi Gong are branches of Daoist Yoga which boasts the same health aspects
as its Indian counterpart but improved qi (Chi) circulation for better health.

Daoist Yoga uses static postures as seen in the well known Indian Yoga but goes beyond this with
moving meditation, stretching and developing the cardiovascular system with moderate movements.

Tai Chi taught in modern times by most instructors is reduced to breathing and swaying your arms. This
does relate to relaxation and stress relief. But it does lead to a  a terrible situation since it does not utilize
its full potential. This is like buying a car with everything power but doing everything manual. This is the
difference between learning at a school that teaches modern Tai Chi and Push Hands Tai Chi to a
school that teaches the traditional methods. You want to be able to use all the amnemities if you
purchase the car. If you are going to train in Tai Chi do not skimp. Train to experience it all. It is important
to find a good school with good teachers. trust us when we state there are more bad then good teachers
when it comes to Tai Chi. There is a common myth circulating that Tai Chi is not good for self defense.
This is true do to hardly any good teachers. Tai Chi taught correctly is an excellant self defense system.

You can expect an overall increase in health, positive emotions and a sense of well being after practicing
the Daoist arts for a short time.  It is a powerful tool to help alleviate many health complaints too
numerous to list.  Basically if something is wrong with your body these methods will help alleviate the

The classes are Tuesday  Thursdays at 6:20PM and Saturday at
9:30AM.   Class length is approximately
40 minutes long .Cost is $50.00 per month for up to three classes a week $40.00 per  month for one
class per week..  
Tai Chi and Qi Gong offered at the school are listed below.

Wu Xing Qi Gong -Five Elements
Daoist Wu Yin Zhang Fu-Taoist Five Yin Organ Exercise
Ba Duan Qin-Eight Pieces Brocade
Yang Simplified 10 Tai Chi
Yang Simplified 24 Tai Chi
YI Chin Jing-Muscle Tendon Change
Yang Chen Fu Tai Chi 108 style
Yang Push Hands
Original Yang Tai Chi 108 Advanced
International 42 Combined Four Style Routine-Yang.Sun,Wu and Chen Tai Chi Combined
Sun Tai Chi
Five Animals Frolic Wu Xing
Advanced Daoist Qi Gong-Shen Gong
Ba Gua Tai Ji*
Weaponry as well as Tai Chi ruler are also available.
* Bagua Tai Ji reserved for only most advanced students in both disciplines.

The Tai Chi styles available at the Academy include Yang, Original Yang, Sun. The Tai Chi taught at the
Academy is pre cultural revolution 1900AD to 1945 AD.

The recommended age for studying Tai Chi age 15 to as old as you live.
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