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Master Smith
Health  ~  Discipline  ~  Defense
Master Robert Smith
Master Robert Smith started training in the martial arts at age twelve in May
of 1972 at the Scranton Karate School under Master Frank Trojaniwisz.  
Master Smith studied Korean Karate Tang Soo Do diligently for two years
achieving a first degree red belt and preparing for his black belt. In 1982 he
achieved the rank of Black Belt studying forms to the Third Degree.

During the spring/summer of 1974 while training for his Black belt in Tang Soo
Do (Soo Bahk Do), the Weniger Karate Institute opened in downtown Scranton.  
The Wenniger Karate Institute brought with it the only Kung Fu training available
in the area. The Institute head instructors were Richard Schmoyeur and Earnest
Rothrock both brown belts in the White Dragon Kung Fu system under Master
John Wenniger.  Master Smith studied the White Dragon Kung Fu system under
their direction for approximately six months.  Studying daily, morning, afternoon,
and nights during the summer.  Master Smith was introduced to various
techniques from other styles and weapons including nunchaku, staff, three
sectional staff, tonfa, sickles, sai, archery and throwing stars.  

During this period the Wenniger School had a seminar that included Grand Master Daniel K Pai of the
White Dragon School.  Being a young student Master Smith still has vivid memories of the day he spent
with the Grand Master. Master Smith as well as one of his friends were the first two students at the
Weniger School and therefore the first two to study the Pai Lum System in the Scranton area.

Master Smith decided to return to his roots of Karate after the summer of 1974. Between 1974 and the
early 1980’s he studied at various local schools and with local martial artist as well as boxers.  His
martial training consisted of Judo, Western Boxing, traditional Jiu Jitsu, Iaido, and full contact sparring.  
During this time Master Smith began his study of Chinese philosophy and medicine.  Although he
studied Confucian, Buddhist and Daoist philosophy he always favored the Daoist philosophy and
medicine.  During this time, he sometimes trained at the Scranton Karate School or  Stevens Karate
School etc.  

Master Smith obtained his Black Belt in Korean Tang Soo Do Soo Bahk Do under the instruction of
Master Trojanewisz in May 1982 testing in front of Grand Master Jae C Shin in Philadelphia.  Master
Smith also taught Physical Education classes at the University of Scranton on behalf of the Scranton
Karate School.

In 1982 while training in Tang Soo Do he started training at the
Shaolin Kung Fu School under Master Brian Felter.  This school
taught some Shaolin but mostly White Dragon Style Kempo.
He earned a green sash in 1986.  From 1986 to 1999 he
sometimes trained on and off at the Shaolin School which
was renamed the Chinese Martial Arts Academy.

In February 1999 he was interviewed in New York City by
Grand Master Lin Chih Young, a Master of the Daoist arts.
Master Smith was accepted as a student and has been
continuing his training in NYC until Jan 2013. At this
time the New York School closed and Master Smith was named
"Grand Master" and a direct lineage holder under Master Lin.
Master Smith is an inner door student and adopted family member.
He practices the Inner door Sun Lu Tang system which is much
different then seen publicly.

Under Master Lin Master Smith began training in Sun Lu Tang’s Hsing I, Ba Gua, Sun Tai Chi, Yang Tai
Chi, Shuai Jiao (Bao Ding Kwai Jiao)and Shaolin Long Fist, Daoist Yang Shen longevity exercises.  Over
the years of study Master Lin taught more systems such as  Ba Ji, Mantis, Red Fist, Tong Bei, Kao Shou
FanZi Quan, Sun Bing and Chuo Jiao adding to Master Smiths already immense background in the
Martial Arts. He is currently working on the BaGua TaiJi system. Master Smith has general knowledge of
most of these martial arts but specializes in the Sun system.

Master Smith specializes in the Sun Lu Tang system of martial arts.  He is an expert in body mechanics
and generating the most power through whole body techniques.  The Sun Lu Tang system is a complete
Daoist system of health and instant “quicker than thought” self defense.

Master Smith has produced a dental exercise health video for dental professionals, a fall prevention
video based on Tai Chi footwork and is working on a kids health video based on Kung Fu. He also
working on current school videos  the first one being based on Shuai Jiao is available. He is also
coauthoring two books on the martial arts expected to be published during mid to late 2019..

Master Smith is available for guest appearances, demonstrations and seminars.  Please use the school
contact page to contact Mr. Smith.
Robert Smith Age 12
Korean Tang Soo Do
Soo Bahk Do Green Belt
Robert Smith Age 15
Preying Mantis Kung Fu
Master Smith left, GrandMaster Lin center
Master Felter right
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