The Shaolin School became independent and was renamed the Chinese Martial Arts Academy in the early
1990’s.  Ken continued to expand his knowledge of the martial arts under the instruction of Master Felter
through continued learning of Pai Lum, Shaolin, and Tai Mantis. He also started studying Yang Tai Chi in
1990 under Sigung Felter and Sifu Bobby Herne.

From 1994 through 1997 Ken had the opportunity to study with the world renown Wing Chun Sifu Randy
Williams in his Close Range Combat school near Scranton. Ken became and instructor at the school and
was invited by Sifu Williams to travel to Hollywood and assist with the filming of 12 videos on Wing Chun.   

In 1995 a long with his teacher, Sigung Felter, Ken joined the White Dragon Warrior Society where he
studied Gong Yuen Chuan Fa.  After a very challenging 3 day test in 1999 he received his 3rd Higher Level
Black sash.  In 2001 Ken resigned from the WDWS to pursue other training opportunities.

Ken studied with Sigung Felter until he retired in 2004. At that point Ken was the highest ranking student,
only 3rd level, and longest time student studying under Sigung Felter.  He was a great teacher and truly a
Sifu to Ken in every sense of the word.

In 2004 Ken started to study traditional Chinese martial arts with Laoshi Bob Smith and Master Bobby
Herne.  Laoshi Smith though his lineage with Master Lin was able to share with Ken a whole new world of
the traditional Chinese arts that few have access to learn including Wudang based martial arts, traditional
Shaolin, Tong Long, Tong Bei, Baji, Ba Gua, Hsing I, and Shuai Jiao. Master Herne continues to share his
knowledge of Yang, Chen, and Wu Tai Chi with Ken.  

Ken now continues to learn and teach traditional Chinese martial arts, Pai Lum Kenpo, and Tai Chi at the
Academy of Asian Martial Arts.  
Academy of Asian Martial Arts LLC
Master Ken Brown - Master Instructor (Sigung)

Master Ken Brown started studying Pai Lum Kung Fu at the Shaolin Kung Fu
School in Scranton, PA in 1983 under Master Brian Felter. During that time training
was difficult and not many students made it past the infamous eight hour green
sash test and even fewer trained long enough to be invited to test for a black sash
and the title of Sifu (teacher). Ken trained hard participating in many demos and
tournaments in the 1980’s and earned his black sash and title of Sifu in 1989.

From 1983 to 1993 Ken was a member of the Bushi No Te Association which was
led by Grandmaster Tris of Shotokan Karate and Master Rothrock of the Eagle
Claw system.  The Bushi No Te put on seminars and a yearly camp where some
of the best martial arts gathered to share their knowledge and have some fun.
Master Brown
Health  ~  Discipline  ~  Defense

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