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Health  ~  Discipline  ~  Defense
Advanced Internal Kung Fu Classes

Internal Classes focus on developing a healthy body through low impact exercises.

The classes focus on a moderate level of exercise using stretching, breathing and martial art
techniques.  All classes focus on more intense circling and spiraling movements with moving
meditation, and development of the cardiovascular and, endocrine system among others.. The Academy
teaches these arts pre cultural revolution 1900AD to 1945AD as taught in mainland China and Taiwan.

The internal program covers the following martial arts. All systems are taught progressively in the order
listed below. These classes are invitation only for advanced practitioners.

Circle Walking with and without postures meditation
Sun Bagua Zhang- Single Change/Double Change Eight Animals Fixed and Free Step
Sun 64 Ba Gua
Advanced Weaponry
Sun Tai Chi
Advanced Daoist Nei Gong and Qi Gong
Tong Bei Quan (Qi, Shi and Wu Xing Styles through the Zhang Ce lineage)
Choi Jiao
Ba Gua Tai Ji

Tuesdays Thursdays at 7 PM. Saturdays 10AM. Saturdays cover many internal aspects.
Rates  $65.00 per month for one class-$85.00 per month for two or more classes per week..

Besides the health benefits, the  Internal Arts provide a no nonsense self defense system that quickly
without fighting or struggling, neutralizes an attackers threat.

The Academy of Asian Martial Arts is the number one resource for these internal arts. It is our specialty.

The recommended age for studying the Internal Daoist arts is 15 to as old as you live.
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