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KUNG FU CLASSES (ages 7 and up)

Kung Fu Classes focus on  teaching  the fundamentals of Martial Arts preparing
each student to enter into the intermediate/advanced martial art program.

The class teaches discipline, respect, learning to work with others as well as
basic leadership.

All classes challenge  concentration and coordination thereby giving the student a
beginning foundation to excel in all sports and activities.  Also the  body will be
conditioned the Kung Fu way.

The program  follows the adult program but is condensed to make it easier for
children to learn. To browse the styles taught go to the adult program page.

Northern Shaolin Long Fist "Kung Fu"
Hong Quan (Red Fist)
Shuai Jiao

We advertise children have to wait until they are 7 to join. But all children are not
created the same. We chose age 7 because our experience dictates it is the best
time to start martial art training from a cost standpoint and the child's ability to
grasp the teaching. However you are welcome to bring in a child under age 7 for a
free class so we can evaluate the child and recommend if they should start or
wait to begin training. No appointment is necessary. Just bring them in wearing
loose clothing and sneakers.

Class times are  Sat. 10:30AM to 11:30AM.

Children ages 7 to 15 are required to test for rank see the rates page. All Kung Fu
students are required after 30 days to buy a uniform at the cost of $35.00.
Reduced family plans are available. Contact the school using the
contact page if
you want more information.
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