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Sometimes we are asked "How long does it take to get a black belt"?
This varies between adults and children.

Adults usually take between 2 to 3 years and children 4 to 5. This is
based on good attendance and diligent home practice.

Our school also does not require anyone to test or achieve rank.
Traditionally it was done this way. We only rank students that want to be
ranked. Except children. They are required to rank.

A black belt should not be considered the end but the beginning of
learning. A black belt represents a student has achieved proficiency in
the basics of a system not overall knowledge and does
NOT entitle a
person to teach martial arts.

However a black belt 1st degree is considered an assistant instructor.
No students can represent our school and/or lineage as a teacher unless
they have obtained a 3rd degree black belt or are acknowledged as a
teacher on this website See the "
About Us" page.

We do this to be sure only the best teachers are representing the school
and our methods are not misrepresented.  In fact if you need to discuss
martial art concepts you should only do so with a certified teacher.
Students may misrepresent our concepts due to insufficient time

All teachers representing our school will have a certificate that is only
valid if it carries the school seal.
Click here for an example of the
certificate. This assures you are training with a certified instructor.