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Kung Fu Class
Health  ~  Discipline  ~  Defense
Adult Kung Fu Classes (ages 12 and up)

Adult Kung Fu Classes focus on building a strong, fit, healthy body and mind.  No matter what you are
trying to attain physically or mentally can be accomplished through our Adult Kung Fu program. The
program is demanding but this is how we get results.  Withf Mixed Martial Arts or MMA schools starting to
not be as popular it is important that we inform the public about Kung Fu.  
Kung Fu is the original mixed martial art. It has been popularized lately as only a striking art. This is due
to the lack of quality Kung Fu instructors and many of the aspects of the art were forbidden to be taught in
China during the Cultural revolution including grappling, locking and throwing skills. Many instructors
generation after generation trained a few short years,  then began teaching only a portion of the art that
they learned to the public.
At the Academy of Asian Martial Arts LLC we teach the entire art which includes  punching, kickiing,
blocking, joint lock, submission holds and throwing . Our instructors know the "complete" martial arts.
Kung Fu taught at the Academy is Pre cultural revolution 1900AD to 1945AD. We are "The original"
Shaolin Long Fist style
The Kung Fu program covers the following styles. All styles are part of the adult program. All systems are
taught progressively in the order below.
Under Belt/Sash
Five Step Fist
Cha Family Ten Tan Tui
Northern Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu Ba Bu/LongFist 1 thru 3/18 Lohan
Northern Nanjing Long Fist forms-Lien Bu/Gong Li Quan
Shuai Jiao
Hong Quan (Red Fist) Da Hong
Black Belt/Sash
Ba Ji-Jin Gang/Xiao Jia/ Da Baji/ Lian Huan Ba gI/Liu De Kai/ National Ba ji
Tong Bei Preying Mantis Kung Fu- Long Fist Mantis/Beng Bu/Flower Behind The Mirror/ Tiger Swallow
                                                            Forms/Lan Jie/Di Tang
Kung Fu Weapons-Staff/Knife/Sword/Spear/ Short and Long Weapons
Too many more forms and styles to list..

Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 . Saturdays 10:30 AM

Class times vary click on
class schedule page for times.  
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